Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Table Wares To Give Small Talks a Free Flow

Do you feel hesitant to bring out the age old table linen when guests drop by to say hi? Lust the napery you see in the high end malls but step back looking at the price? Feel loss of appetite after seeing the pre-historic mats on the dining table? Then it is definitely time you changed them with economical and out of the box designs. Replace the ancient ones with the uber chic and trendy in season mats, napkins, table wares etc. Intoxicating designs and patterns will adorn your table and earn you platoons of accolades bringing joy and happiness to you. Give your family, friends and relatives a royal treat with the high quality cotton products along with your finger licking food. Starting from:-

1. Digital table covers:- Inspired by numerous themes, flowers, abstract patterns, animal kingdom, traditional Indian motif etc.  You’ll get mesmerizing deals with these. The colorfast fabric will retain the richness and shine. Digital printing with high quality colors make them reasonable.

2. Mats:- These adorning the covers make the food look even more stirring. Fussy children will be more interested in the food. Low on maintenance they will avoid the food getting spilled on the table or on the clothes. Shine and flamboyance will have the guests in awe.

3 . Table runner:- Premium casement cotton runners add to the royalty. Spicing up the food it adds color to the solid palette base of the cover. Sophistication and worldliness charm will be the conversation starter at the dining.

4. Napkins:- Avoid spilling of food on the clothes with poise and finesse. Being thick they even put a check on the seeping of water if it is spilled. The slushy fabric gives a soothing touch when you wipe your hands.

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