Friday, 31 October 2014

How to Make Your Space Look Luxurious

Well if you had the notion that a luxurious is supposed to like a huge mansion, where everything is handpicked and overpriced, then it’s wrong. You can make even a small space look ultra modern and opulent in its approach by making few amendments and desired changes. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Styling Tips for Your Child’s Room

Your kids room is not only a place where he plays or sleeps, it’s a place where he discovers life his own way, grows up. So why not makes this journey of growing up more fun and memorable for him.

Consider your child’s desires and delight; plan the entire layout of his room. As their laughter’s fill the empty voids of your home and their mischievousness your heart, give them something special to hold on to. But before you start doing their décor, you need to consider few things which are as follows:

-   Since your kids are growing up and must be having a view point which should be hands down taken into consideration. Know what their favorite colors or favorable prints are, according select the bed sheets, curtains, carpets and other things.

-   But since you know kids don’t stick to one theme for a long time and have a change of likes and dislikes all the time of the year, you should probably keep a different scheme for every season.

-  Having a storage rack is essential to keep all their stuff and toys from cluttering the space. More important is to teach them how to stack their stuff back in the rack.

-  Plan a separate space inside their room, where they can play and have a gala time. Make sure the space is well furnished with soft carpets which are slip and stain resistant.

-  You can decorate their play zone further with quirky wall clocks and photo frames. Having colorful poster also keeps your kids engrossed simultaneously unleashing their creative side.

Your child’s mind is like a closed can of imagination, so make their space so friendly and adaptable that they feel at ease to release the rush of thoughts coming in their mind. Remember to balance creativity with utmost functionality in mind.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Ideas to Make Your Space Party Perfect

Aren't parties anticipated events, which we all look forward to? Starting from the planning part to deciding the menu, we all feel a certain obligation to get everything right and send out the right kind of first impression over our guests. Just to make sure your party ends up being the most talked about event of the year, carefully detail your home decor and table arrangement as these places are most often visited by guests.
Here are few ideas which can make your party one of the biggest event, your friends and acquaintances have ever seen.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Blend Your Decor in Different Tones

Since you spend literally more than half of your life at your home, you should experience the different facets of your space. Just like you follow latest trends and themes, even let your decor go through some major transformations and reflect versatility and elegance.

Play new schemes every now and then and see the variation your space can show, while keeping it simple and comforting. Whatever change you bring in the aesthetic sense, keep the vibration subtle and normal.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dramatic Play on Small Spaces

Whoever said you need bigger room space to define your abode and highlight its soft edges was completely wrong about it. Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into a spacious arena with some clever and wise moves. Work with a plan and according deck up your room. Selectively choose each element of your décor, keeping everything in mind.