Saturday, 10 June 2017

Quirky Aprons For Your Kitchen

The apron is the most important thing that you need before entering your kitchen. The most important function they offer is protecting you from heat, spills and stains. With this apron on, you can cook any food without any risk of hot oil spills on your body. So, cook your food in enjoyment and improve your culinary skills by getting this kitchen apron online from homedrape.

The aprons make sure the oil spatters or curry spills don’t land directly on your dress. It helps you to stay safe. You can cook with confidence and perform numerous tasks like cutting, chopping and washing dishes with ease in these aprons.

Apart from its functional value, the aprons are quite high on fashion. The graffiti text and sketchy impressions make for an attractive look. The delectable sketches of pizza, cake, burgers, and drinks would surely set the mood for the preparation of a delectable set of cuisines every day. The fascinating colors in shades of green, brown and red would surely increase your appetite. Don't restrain your steps to the comforts of the just kitchen; they are so endearing that you can flaunt it in the presence of your guest too. You can even answer the door and welcome your guests while wearing this apron as they are beautifully designed with colorful prints and designs.

Moreover, these aprons are very comfortable to wear, you can wear them the entire day without feeling any sense of weight on your neck. The adjustable neck and waist straps would make you feel at ease. The soft texture, light weight and breathable feel of the cotton fabric ensure your total comfort in the kitchen.

The hand gloves available with these aprons make sure your hands are safe while holding hot utensils and dishes. It is especially required when you have kids at home. Your hands won’t burn or feel sticky when you prepare desserts usually when you are baking. These mittens are padded with thick foam and fabric which will insulate your hands from the heat.

Prepare the best of cuisines for your family with ease, comfort and in the protection of cooking aprons available online at

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Jazzy Covers For The Bolster Pillow

Make your room inviting and fresh with a quick new style of bolster covers. You can choose from a wide  range of collections which will produce a stunning effect to the diwan, sofa and the coaches. It will give an attractive look to your home.

Always try to choose covers that will surely match with the theme and create an interesting aura at your home. The bolster is incomplete without covers. Covering them is the only way to bring out the elegance and to coordinate with your diwan sheets.

Does not matter you are using for your diwan or your bedroom? These covers can completely change the look of your furniture. Not only the looks but it gives you a great comfort while sleeping as the fabric gives you the feel of softness as well as smoothness.

A wide spectrum of modern bolster covers is available online in India but the best one is available at Lively prints, exotic designs and the bright shades of the colors will give a new ornamental look to even the simplest bolster. To give a nice arrangement to your couches or sofas match the covers with another interior of the home so that they can complement each other.

Swayam bolster covers which are available online at the house of Homedrape, offers you the chance to renovate your home d├ęcor. The finest quality of covers will protect your bolsters and also offers a fresh look.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Make a Special Moment with Dinner Napkin

If you are hosting a holiday party or a casual party, then place the stylish patterns and muted colors of the elegant dinner napkin on your dining table. This setup will be perfect for a formal as well as a casual dinette. 
So impress your guest and your friends too. We bet you that your guest will not leave your home until and unless you tell them about the elegant piece of a table napkin. 

If you want to add more magic to your table, then try to fold out the napkin in different shape of styles. So that it will create a drastic change to your dining room and also impress your guest.

Dinner napkins are online in India at homedrape, where you can get different shades of colors, pattern, and design of the napkin.  You can give your tablescape an ideal look by folding a napkin in different creative ways. You can learn from the tutorials from YouTube and give an eye-catching presentation of your napkins.

Apart from folding you can also prepare a pocket for silverware from this colorful napkin. This is a great way to dress up your table so that one can enjoy the meal happily.

In the Indian market, napkins are flooded with a variety of designs and colors but the options you get from the online portal of homedrape will certainly blow your mind. Here, you will find cotton dinner napkins which will not need any kind of maintenance such as starching and ironing. The fashionable and beautiful napkins these days are designed in an assortment of unique textures and with a unique finish which will add for moons to the table.

You can also use decorative napkin holders is you want to put all the napkins in one place. With these napkins on your table, you will see a grand change in your table tops. 

So, to create a vibrant impression on your table, place an order at the online portal of

Monday, 10 April 2017

Blackout Curtains, Perfect Drapes for summer

The hot days of summer are coming close and it’s time to prepare for the heat. Air conditioners and coolers are a good thing but you don’t need all these electronics to keep the atmosphere of your home cool. You just need a premium quality blackout curtain that will maintain a calm and pleasant atmosphere. These curtains are the perfect drapes for summer as they have the ability to block the heat and light. You can choose from a wide range of blackout curtains online but the best is only available at

Made from the finest quality faux silk and woven with adequate thickness, these curtains are strong and have a thick texture. You will definitely enjoy sitting behind these curtains as they completely obstruct the heat and light to pass through. Cover your doors and windows with these curtains and see the magic happen. Your room will turn into a dark and cool place when you have all your doors and windows draped with these curtains. Here, you can relax, sleep, meditate or watch TV in comfort without any interruption of bright light. 

Besides obstructing the light, these curtains can drop the temperature of the atmosphere inside your room by up to 5 degrees. 5 degrees doesn’t seem much but with comparison to the pollution and humidity outside, your interiors will have a calm and cool atmosphere. 

Besides blocking the heat and light, it also helps to reduce the amount of noise entering your home. You will definitely notice a calm and peaceful ambience as soon as you drape your windows. Moreover, you can also give a decorative touch with these curtains as they come in bold and bright colors. Eyelets are also premade on them which makes sliding very easy. If you have the desire to spend the summer in a calm, cool and shady place, then you should definitely buy blackout curtains.

Monday, 6 March 2017

5 Unique Ways To Use Runners

Tired of monochromatic, ordinary and same looking table linens? Yeah, me too! So I decided to purchase new dining table runner to spruce up my dining room. Stirring up your room interiors can be an easy task and it can create a seasonal display to grace your dining room. If you want to convert your table into something magnificent, these runners can be your best bet.

They are available in different sizes, colors, materials and shapes along with different fabrics. Therefore you can create various combinations and placements by using them in different ways. 

1)  These runners are versatile and can be used in many ways. People generally use them on table; however adding a bit of creativity can turn the tables around. They can also work with various shapes like square, rectangle, square and oval.

2)  Placing a runner lengthwise in the middle is one of the most common ways. You can find it almost everywhere. This placement style gives a perfect path to complement the centerpieces. You can place some candles in the centre.

3)  If you have a short or square table which is narrow, you can place a runner across the set up.

4)  If you can`t get over with that vintage tablecloth that your granny had gifted you on your wedding anniversary, well then we have a solution for that too. You can buy a runner either in matching shade or contrasting color and place it over it. This will give your dinner table a cohesive as well as decorative appeal.

5)  You can pick runners in different fabrics. You can select a runner according to the event. For regular use cotton fabric is the best while for the formal one, you can choose satin or silk runners.

Whatever you choose, these runners can surely make your dinner time amazing with their attractive prints and patterns, of course fused with your very unique creative instincts.