Monday, 6 March 2017

5 Unique Ways To Use Runners

Tired of monochromatic, ordinary and same looking table linens? Yeah, me too! So I decided to purchase new dining table runner to spruce up my dining room. Stirring up your room interiors can be an easy task and it can create a seasonal display to grace your dining room. If you want to convert your table into something magnificent, these runners can be your best bet.

They are available in different sizes, colors, materials and shapes along with different fabrics. Therefore you can create various combinations and placements by using them in different ways. 

1)  These runners are versatile and can be used in many ways. People generally use them on table; however adding a bit of creativity can turn the tables around. They can also work with various shapes like square, rectangle, square and oval.

2)  Placing a runner lengthwise in the middle is one of the most common ways. You can find it almost everywhere. This placement style gives a perfect path to complement the centerpieces. You can place some candles in the centre.

3)  If you have a short or square table which is narrow, you can place a runner across the set up.

4)  If you can`t get over with that vintage tablecloth that your granny had gifted you on your wedding anniversary, well then we have a solution for that too. You can buy a runner either in matching shade or contrasting color and place it over it. This will give your dinner table a cohesive as well as decorative appeal.

5)  You can pick runners in different fabrics. You can select a runner according to the event. For regular use cotton fabric is the best while for the formal one, you can choose satin or silk runners.

Whatever you choose, these runners can surely make your dinner time amazing with their attractive prints and patterns, of course fused with your very unique creative instincts.

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