Friday, 27 June 2014

Make Every Bite a Special One

Online Dinner Napkins
Give yourself and your family a luxurious dining experience with beautiful dinner napkins. Bring a change in your eating habits as you bring these napkins home. You will love the soft and lustrous texture of these napkins and would use it after every bite of your meal. With these napkins, your table will look more classy and organized from every point of view. Invite your guests for dinners and give them a royal treatment by placing these napkins by their side. You can fold them side by side or put them in a napkin holder. For a more eye-catching appearance, you can also add your own concept of folding patterns and place them as decoration.

These napkins are made from top quality casement cotton which can be felt on their soft and smooth texture. Designed by expert professionals, these are woven with high thread count to make them long lasting. You can avail them in solid colors or in printed designs as per your desires. You can also choose the ideal color to match with the table and dishes. Keep your lips and hands free from stains and feel the soft texture during every meal of the day. You will definitely enjoy your meal when you have these napkins by your side.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Add Soft Accents to Your Windows

Doors and windows are the only openings from where you can reveal your home décor to the onlookers. So, why not give them a grand makeover with beautiful curtains and enhance your living space. Create a soothing environment and keep the heat away by covering your windows with vivid prints and alluring colors. If you desire a lively appearance in your room, you can drape your windows with curtains printed with flowery patterns. For a more stylish look, you can choose checkered or striped curtains. You can choose from a wide range of colors to match with your home décor.

Online Printed Curtains

These curtains are made from premium grade cotton therefore these are soft and allow free movement of air. The free flow of air through the fabric creates a cool and soothing environment inside your home. The presence of these curtains on your windows will definitely improve the elegance of your home as well as give the comfort under the shade. Offered with eyelets, these curtains are very easy to install. Further, these eyelets create plates which look amazing with a wavy pattern. Improve your living standard and renovate your windows with curtains offered by and witness a remarkable change in your way of living.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Here’s another Interesting Reason to Love Shopping

The fever of shopping has been always high for girls. Age is not a bar for them; they are super excited for it every time. A college girl or a mother to child, level of anticipation is same in all women when it comes to explore new things in the market. To a grocery shop, shopping mall or any local market, they are the experts in all areas. Even for many of them shopping is the only way to feel good when everything else is going wrong in their lives.

So, why to settle down girls on anything when shopping means so much for you. We mean the comfort level, your style and the attitude that’s a head turner. We are presenting a chic range of shopping bags to make you glamorous for every market. Canvas, jute or cotton, you have three eco friendly fabrics to try this season. Experiment with your look for shopping.  Next time you step out to shop, make sure one of our bags complement your personality.

Designed with captivating designs and fresh colors, these reusable totes are a must have for fashion conscious people. You will find the best of graphics printed over them and waiting to standout your aura among all. To add the drama, a separate digitally printed collection we have maintained within our bags collection. They are very much stylish and inspired from nature, modern life to suit tastes of all beautiful ladies waiting out there.

Equipped with the sturdy handles, they are so easy to carry for long hours. The plush feel they posses are apt to showcase anywhere and everywhere. Make a choice between chic quotes, fancy designs and floral prints and you are all set to rock wherever you go. What else is delightful about these bags? You can wash them and enjoy the all new fresh look again and again without spending a penny.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time to Caress Those Little Feet in Your Home

You might have designed the best room for your toddler with lots of colors and luxurious furnishings. If you haven’t integrated suitable flooring in his room, then it’s time to think about it. When he come out of bed, let his soft feet get gentle cuddling. Place a sumptuous surface near his bed to make every morning simply refreshing for him. What else could be more suitable than mushy wool for your darling tot?

Yes, wool carpets, that’s what you need to pamper your children feet. Wool being skin friendly and very much soft in nature is the right choice. He is not going to fall or slip on wool flooring as it offers adequate gripping. He is soon going to be in love with the squashy bristles that strikes against his foot every time he walks or stand on it. Since, wool absorbs moisture readily; chances of slipping will also reduce to a greater extent.

Monday, 23 June 2014

What’s So Special About The Striped Bed Sheets?

Striped bed sheets are the much talk about topic in the textile industry. So, let’s discuss all what makes them so interesting and desirable. Starting with their various varieties, they come as vertical, horizontal, in wider and thin bands, as monochromatic and sometimes as a power pack of vibrant shades. With each variety, there come many benefits that bring marvelous changes in the décor when executed properly.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Call An Inevitable Change on Floors

Machine Made Carpets
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Your floors will never look the same with our machine made carpets. We are today going to discuss what’s so special about these floor coverings. If you have ever notice, even a simple, spacious room looks very appealing due to the carpet used in it. Wooden or marble, machine made carpets can work on both. They have the top notch level softness and uniform texture that makes them truly desirable. Neither weaving nor knots will cause unevenness on their back side.

It’s the only difference and quality determining factor. More precise and detailing you are able to see in the design from the backside of the carpet, better is its quality. Further, unlike the handmade rugs, fringes are not the extensions of the foundation instead they are sewn on. For adding the warmth, cozy feel they can help to a great extent. Generally made by polyester, nylon, polypropylene or viscose, they are synthetic in nature.

Defining a space is not the only use carpets are restricted to nowadays. They can be the style statement and draw entire attention. With the best of artwork, they come with a modern as well as vintage feel. The best of colors and designs when come together, wonders that happen can be seen within our machine made carpets collection. They have the brilliant features of polypropylene which can make any room any corner of setting worth admiration.

Even with heavy footfall they can sustain without any wear or tear. Marvelous in stain absorbency and water repellence, they are simply outstanding. A minimalistic design pattern or the elaborated artwork, for varied taste buds; this classy range is categorized into two brackets. Where designer rugs have the modish touch, palace is the assortment of traditional floor coverings. Allow your floors to increase the visual interests in the space and make it more welcoming. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Shop to Envy Peers!!

Attitude that’s heart throbbing and the comfort you carve for. This is what we all would like to say about our shopping bags. You need to check out the super exciting options we are bringing for totes. Anyone from a college student to a mother with a small infant will find our bags collection superbly spectacular. They are meant to harm neither you nor our environment. We have designed them using the premium quality jute and cotton.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Unroll Glamour On Your Floor

After a hard day at work all you need is a good pampering session to rejuvenate yourself. So why not indulge in the guilt free pleasure of foot massaging as you witness mesmerizing texture and ultra soft underfoot comfort. Take yourself on a journey to experience soothing sensation and relaxation as your feet grab a smooth surface area to crash on. To put an end to all your worries introduces its finest range of enticing carpets to allure your senses. The beautiful colors and soft texture renders a supple touch which is widely appreciated by people.

Bring an expression of excitement along imbibed in the blissful colors to give your home an impressive makeover. Welcome your guests and visitors to give them an experience of walking in the clouds. Step in the fuzzy texture and feel the gentle rub of these amazing floorings under your feet. The long lustrous thread strands give you a comforting ticklish feeling which no other carpet can provide. The relaxation in these carpets is implanted from polyester piled fabric. These fabrics are intricately woven and designed by experts therefore these have a precise finish. You will not notice a glitch in their texture as they are finely stitched using modern machinery. The perfect dimension and exact texture will definitely bring glamour in your floor. Being skin friendly, they do not allow any accumulation of germs or bugs. You will never experience a pinch of irritation as you sit, sleep or lie down on their surface. Keeping you safe and comfortable is the main priorities while giving a highly appealing outlook.  To meet the diversified demands of our customers, we offer these carpets in a variety of eye-catching colors, design and texture quality.

You can choose the right colors from this range to co-ordinate with your home décor as well as your personality. From luxury plain to shaggy rugs and posh to contemporary rugs, we provide all your need to fulfill your desires. The excellent mix and match of colors exhibited over them gives a modernistic look to enhance you style and improve your standard of living.  Observe a grand change in your surroundings as you unroll the glamour on your floor.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get Classy For Your Cooking

Stop the nuisance of sweaty and food drippings every time you step into the kitchen for cuisine preparation. You need to get over those very boring white aprons to experience the fun you are missing in the kitchen. The excitement you have while dressing for a party could be the same while wearing aprons too. If you can’t believe us, then have a look at stylish kitchen linen waiting for you at homedrape. 

They can bring a sense of being delighted in you. Radiant colors which have never been a part of the kitchenette will now pump up your spirits. Get high on fashion inspired aprons to spend some beautiful memories in your cookhouse. We can assure you will start loving cooking with our vibrant kitchen goodies integrated with the top notch comfort. Yes, you are not going to face the troublesome of sweats, stains or any other irritation.

All you can feel is very light, comfortable and stylish wearing any of these aprons. Best of the shades from color platter we have put on them. So, you can choose your favorite color or team it with your dress for more fun. You can’t ignore the refreshing prints present on some of them. Their grace will further add to your style quotient. Men & women, all our invited to checkout our kitchen linen range since we have designed interesting products for both.

Chef cap, pot holders or the oven mittens, you have all matching with the apron for complete satisfaction. Start browsing the website and be the pride owner of these latest kitchen furnishings. Your peers will envy for sure seeing you in this cool avatar while cooking. Moreover, you will be in great mood always instead of the feeling “forced to cook”.
Funky, swag phrases that our aprons say is a must watch for all. Carry your attitude, flaunt your style and speak up your feelings, everything these catchphrases can do for you. So, just try these aprons and everything else would be so magical after that.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Get Started With Table Runners

Runners are traditionally meant to dress your kitchen or dining table with poised grace. As the name depicts, they run across the length of the table. Instead of covering the entire table, they cover only the middle part of it. You will find them in a various sizes for varied length of tables and many patterns as well. Beauty about them is they look appealing on a bare and covered table as well.  While on a bare table, they put some extra color where as on a dressed table they add the unconventional grace.

When the table is undressed, complement the runner with coordinating place mats. This will define the sitting apart from the protection of table. Yes, to shield your table from wax drippings, heat, moisture, food drippings, serve ware etc, they can help you to a great extent. Apart from dining table, runner depending upon the length can also work for patio, coffee, sofa and hall tables apart from nightstands. Most importantly, they can work for any shape be it a round, oval, rectangular and square tables. 

Another way to use table runners is by complementing them with the table cloth. It is helpful when you need to specify a theme on your decorated table. For instance, with a solid table cover, a printed contrasting runner will do the wonders. Sometimes, printed table covers conflict with the food or looks busy in front of serving plates, china patterns, and silver ware. In such cases, runner can add the touch of pattern that accents instead of blending with the coexisting theme of the table.

Use of runner is waste if its fabric doesn’t make sense with your décor or furniture. For glass and highly lacquered wood, shiny and smooth textures such as silk, organza and satin work. Fabrics that have natural coarseness such as grass cloth, twill, bamboo and cotton are meant for wood, metal, ceramic tiled and stone tables. They work the best in casual, informal setting. Shop for exclusive runners at homedrape and bring oomph on your ordinary tables.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Flaunt Your Style while You Shop

No one can stop a girl from shopping. Whether it’s a grocery store or the shopping mall, women conquer everywhere when it comes to shopping. However, the embarrassment of plastic bags or the torn paper bags is the worst part of shopping. This is why we are bringing you the very stylish, reusable totes that will never leave you in awkwardness. You would love to flaunt these bags everywhere and everywhere from college to the farmer’s market. 

Cotton, jute and canvas, you have much variety for all these fabrics at homedrape. Bags that have chic prints and cool quotes, they are already a big hit among the youngsters. They are spacious enough to accommodate your all stuff and still nit busrt out in the mid of shopping. Where the looks are very pleasing, fabric quality is highly durable. With no worries about the stains or fading, use them on daily basis and get rid of pain that shopping generally offers.

When you fingers start turning red or shoulder starts aching, the fun of shopping actually fly away. However, sturdy handles we have provided with our every bag is going to keep you away from such discomforts. Inspire others from your new style statement whilst you enjoy flaunting these designer totes meant for all age groups. For the mothers with new born babies, we have a special collection of bags where you can put anything and everything from diapers to a milk bottle. 

Solid or liquid, you can put any kind of stuff in them. They are waterproof and can be cared easily. A mild wash would be enough to restore their quality in a long run. If you have been ever concerned with the global warming matter, then you will not regret buying these eco friendly bags. Go green as you carry any of them on your shoulder and feel pride in contributing towards saving our planet.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Create a cheerful presence

Your child’s room is a place more than just a sleeping space or lounge area; it means the world to him. So why not make his world, his very own spot an arena of joy and pleasure. Give him a floor space that not only provides him with the desired comfort but also strikes a balance between slumber and lounging.

Homedrape introduces its range of adorable kid’s carpets which make your kids floor layout a luxurious spot to play on. The comfortable and functional use of these kids’ carpets assures to take the safety of your child to the next level. Handmade from 100% wool pile these carpets provide a soft caressing to your child’s feet as he swiftly walks and plays over it. The wool pile structure is such that it absorbs each sound and prevents echoing or transfer of noise. It also proves to be slip resisting, providing the right amount of friction between the feet and the surface of the carpet. So you no longer have to worry about any fall as your child plays over these kids carpets. So let your children find his perfect spot with these carpets as he enjoys their soft comfort while lazing over it. Even their maintenance is simple; they are highly absorbent and can absorb any spillage while your kids play around them.

Let  your child  step over it  and get boggled  by  their amazing  prints, highlighting their fantasies and imagination. The use of favorable soft and bright tones makes these carpets extra special. Watch your child get glued to their amazing texture as he runs his feet over the carpet bristles, feeling the soft tickle under their sole. The huge canvas displaying his thoughts of desire and wishes lies majestically over the floor making him go wow at each look of it. So don’t just give your child a piece of comfort to step on, give him amazing piece of memory to value.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Splay a Canvas of Vibrancy for Your Tiny Tot

Give your child a safe spot where he can play and rest to his heart content, without you getting worried about his safety and hygiene. Let your kid have his own personal space over the floors, which he can feels as his own. Give your child a carpet which not only provides the requisite comfort, but also has a striking appeal.

 To help you get your carpet to make your child happy, homedrape comes with its fresh range of kid’s carpets to give your child an ear to ear smile. Keep your child free from any discomfort as you gift him a space where he can lean back and relax. See how your child gets inspired at the same time thrilled by the radiance of exuded by these carpets. Your child would love to spend all his free time lounging over them, while you are busy running your daily errands. These carpets are carefully designed perfectly fit your child vivid imagination and cater to his need for a highly vibrant ambience. 

The attractive colors used over these carpets are precisely imprinted for kids of both genders. Handmade from 100 % wool pile, these carpets provide the desired softness and relaxation your child needs. From cartoons characters to fairy lands, you can avail whatever your child desires the most. Let your kid select his own carpet from our wide range of collection made available in highly illuminating colors. Keeping in mind the well-being of your children, the wool pile structure makes these kids carpets slip resistant.

These Kids Carpets are widely appreciated for their soft texture and lightweight. The alluring color combination and design leave a long lasting impression on your kids mind. Bring a sense of excitement along with joy as these carpets become an integral part of your kid’s daily life. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Smarten Up Your Divan Look

Today, we are going to talk about the furniture that serves you special treat every time. Yes, it’s the divan, very popular in Indian homes. They symbolize the regal standard of a family while giving the feel like you are the emperor of a house.  They need your special attention if they have lost their charm and no more appeals to you. Here, we are with interesting and fresh divan sets at homedrape you can use to make your divan a central point of attraction.

  1. If your interior design has a bend towards modernity, then stripes and swirls are the two tempting options available to you. Mottled lines can give new dimensions to the divan along with a contemporary feel. On the other hand, swirls due to their irregular patterns can stylize your space effortlessly.
  2. Elegance along with a chic décor needs the charisma of geometric motifs. Blocks, checks, honeycomb structure and many other patterns you can found under this category. If you don’t have any idea what’s new you can try in your abode, then this category is the safest to play with. Unique designs and the color splash together can make your divan an eye pleasing accessory.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Multihued Stripes For a Modish Décor

There could be nothing better than the striped bed sheets to set a contemporary mood in the décor. You will find them in a vertical as well as horizontal fashion; anyway they can add the glory to your setting. Would you like to heighten your ceiling or widen the bedding? Well, multifunctional are these stripes since besides aesthetic appeal, they do have functionality as well. Change the dimensions of your room to make it distinctive in style and welcoming for the visitors.

Striped bed sheets look appealing as they are etched with a number of narrow, broad or a mix and match of bath in an organized manner. Your eyes are going to roll the way lines are etched on them. It gives an elusive impression about the magnitude of the bedding. So, bring the dramatic change in your bedroom you are craving for so long. At homedrape, browse the magical linea bed sheets to believe what wonders can stripes do in your décor.

Their mesmeric grace can blend flawlessly with any design scheme. Upright lines dabbed in a band of three to four shades are splashed all over the fabric for the brilliant effects. Some are vibrant, some are youthful, some have eclectic neon for the bold touch and others have classy feel you need for the sophisticated setting. Base of each sheet has the brightest tone, above which you can find the regular pattern of two or three upright lines in soft hues.

These multihued stripes can bring the spark in a dreary room which has started looking boring or dull due to some reasons. Moreover, you can use the backdrop of sheet to paint your walls or choosing other décor accessories for a theme based decor. In a struggle of designing a coordinated aura, use the matching duvets, comforters and cushion covers we offer with each bed sheet.  You can’t ignore the comfort of this lavish bed linen, designed using the superior cotton.  

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Shower Enticing Charm on Your Windows

When was the last time when you noticed your windows? If you don’t remember, then you need to add visuals interests on them. Here, you can take the help of stylish draperies. As you know any style is incomplete without the majesty of prints and patterns, so here we obviously mean the printed curtains. It would be better if these prints are on ready-to-use drapes which come with eyelet, adjustable lengths, matching loop tie backs and other such accessories to facilitate the makeover of your windows.

Why don’t you use motifs that set off your décor to smarten up the appeal of windows? Anything from paisley, floral, baroque, cloud knots to arabesque, you have wide number of choices to try. Patterns can also be pulled out from your existing interior design or could be entirely distinctive with a modernize look. Even if you are not good in mixing and matching of prints, still you can create the dramatic visuals with perfect color contrast. 

Homedrape is giving you many impressive choices to splash glamor of trendy patterns on windows. Ready-to-use curtains we are offering are printed with the mix and match of alluring shades and mesmerizing motifs. Their sheer shine and smoothness is contributed to premium cotton. They can be washed and cared at an ease. With thick casement, they ensure better privacy and light filtration as well. Their 100% shrinkage proof and fade resistant fabric is worth trying and very suitable for daily use.

So, pep up the look of not only windows but doors as well with our printed curtains. They are available in varying including XL sizes to suit distinctive needs of every home. Set a new design theme or complement the existing one, they can be used both ways.  How can we forget to tell you the extra 6” inch width integrated to these readymade draperies? Expect invigorating freshness in your space as you invite these sizzling bright yet stylish curtains to droop over your windows or doors. Besides decorative purpose, they are useful to maintain the required comfort level in the room.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Begin a Luxury Laden Lifestyle

Convert your home into a meadow of bliss where there is no place for any discomfort. Immerse it into the ocean of soothing shades and alluring prints to start a new verve inside the abode. Let the worries of a chaotic life leaves you as a pleasing setting invite to unwind the mind and body. Keep updating your mundane furniture with the latest trends to keep the freshness alive in your setting. Here are some smart ways to enliven the décor without doing a hole in the pocket.

Starting with the living area, it is meant to be as deluxe it can be to impress the visitors. So, let your couch and divan glam up as you add striking cushions and bolsters over them. Digitally printed, solid or simply printed, there are varieties of cushion covers that can bring a lush feel to your sofa, chair or even a bench. Mix varying colors of cushions pulled out from the rest of the décor for a modern feel. Often the mess in a room hides its real beauty. It can be avoided by keeping things intact and organized through storage racks and laundry bags.

Further, to spice up the conversations use curtains to dramatize the look of your doors and windows. Readymade draperies are in which maintain a neat, smart look while bring the ease of using. They slide over rods smoothly and give another reason to love your setting. How can we forget the floors where your feet rest most of the time? Let your toes get the best caressing as they strike against the smooth bristles of shaggy or designer rugs. Machine made, synthetic or handmade, you again have many options to pop out your floors. Floor coverings add the comfort, style and warmth required for a cozy space.

Do you struggle in having a sound sleep in the bedroom? If it is so, then you need the combined efforts of blackout curtains and cotton bed sheets. Where blackout drapes can keep the external discomfort away from you, cotton bed sheets can give you the utmost pleasure on the bedding. If this is not enough, then try complementing your bed sheet with the matching duvets, comforters and cushions. It can definitely soothe the aura inside your bedroom for the restful feel. To assist you during shopping and a day out with baby, carry bags are available in chic prints and with sturdy handles. 

Homedrape is bringing you a smart and updated collection to uplift your home environment. The lifestyle and needs of modern home owners can be satisfied with our ravishing collection designed to meet excellence.