Monday, 23 June 2014

What’s So Special About The Striped Bed Sheets?

Striped bed sheets are the much talk about topic in the textile industry. So, let’s discuss all what makes them so interesting and desirable. Starting with their various varieties, they come as vertical, horizontal, in wider and thin bands, as monochromatic and sometimes as a power pack of vibrant shades. With each variety, there come many benefits that bring marvelous changes in the décor when executed properly.

Talking about their role in changing the dimensions of a setting, then it’s true to some extent. Basically they give the illusion that the bedding is wider or add to the length depending upon how they are used, giving a perfect picture to the onlooker. When used in a horizontal direction, they tend to add width to the bedding where as a bed can look lofty when it is covered by vertical lines. So, if you are not satisfied with the magnitude of your bed, then give a try to striped bed sheets and enjoy the view.

Then, you have thicker and slim bands which are concerned with changing the artistic visuals. Wider are the parallel lines, more attention they bring to the bedding. You can call them bold and impactful in nature and can do wonders when are filled with the contrasts of glitzy shades such as pink, yellow, blue and orange. Thin stripes look smarter and revamp the bedding look gracefully. There is some intricacy involved in a bed sheet etched with slender lines. 

Monochromatic bands mainly consist of black and white or other warm shades. They bring the classy sophistication along with them which can perfectly complement an elegant setting. On the other hand, colorful bands help you to bring a new life into the room. Also, they can be used to decide the entire theme for the space. Pull out the colors from the sheet and apply them in the room for a harmonized view.

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