Saturday, 14 June 2014

Create a cheerful presence

Your child’s room is a place more than just a sleeping space or lounge area; it means the world to him. So why not make his world, his very own spot an arena of joy and pleasure. Give him a floor space that not only provides him with the desired comfort but also strikes a balance between slumber and lounging.

Homedrape introduces its range of adorable kid’s carpets which make your kids floor layout a luxurious spot to play on. The comfortable and functional use of these kids’ carpets assures to take the safety of your child to the next level. Handmade from 100% wool pile these carpets provide a soft caressing to your child’s feet as he swiftly walks and plays over it. The wool pile structure is such that it absorbs each sound and prevents echoing or transfer of noise. It also proves to be slip resisting, providing the right amount of friction between the feet and the surface of the carpet. So you no longer have to worry about any fall as your child plays over these kids carpets. So let your children find his perfect spot with these carpets as he enjoys their soft comfort while lazing over it. Even their maintenance is simple; they are highly absorbent and can absorb any spillage while your kids play around them.

Let  your child  step over it  and get boggled  by  their amazing  prints, highlighting their fantasies and imagination. The use of favorable soft and bright tones makes these carpets extra special. Watch your child get glued to their amazing texture as he runs his feet over the carpet bristles, feeling the soft tickle under their sole. The huge canvas displaying his thoughts of desire and wishes lies majestically over the floor making him go wow at each look of it. So don’t just give your child a piece of comfort to step on, give him amazing piece of memory to value.

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