Saturday, 29 November 2014

Extreme Leisure Under Quits Haven’t Been So Blissful

Do the traditional blankets give you sleepless nights? Do the heavy spreads give you a good practice of weightlifting? It is understandable the traditional linens being heavy require assistance to even move. Washing them becomes a task in itself. They become cumbersome to handle the entire season. Here’s a reason for you to rejoice, with contemporary quilts available in the market your hassle free days starts. They come in urban, chic or traditional Indian designs and patterns, beautifying your home. Designs on it have the extra ordinary ability to alter your mood in a great way. Giving you the pleasure of owning conversation starter pieces it earns you platoon of accolades from friends and relatives.

With 100% cotton fabric at play it prevents skin irritation. Being light weight it imparts a sense of openness and spaciousness to your dwelling. The royal spaces created by it will be imbibed by your guests for a long time. High thread count takes care of the good quality of the sheeting and letting you have it for the keeps. Insulation of poly fill microfiber makes the product light weight giving it warmth which matches the mellowness of a fireplace. It entices you to the bed in the winters helping you dive into your dreamy heaven. Smoothness of the nature remains intact in them making your sleeping experience pleasurable and exotic.

Winter quilts have endless possibilities of usage. You can take it to your favorite corner of the house and relax. Take it to the terrace to spend the night with your loved ones under the stars. LIZA finish on the quilts retains the richness and vibrancy. The dust repellent, non allergenic properties and ease of washing makes them low on maintenance. Handy sheeting lets you experience the new concept of living.

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