Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bottles Don’t Need To Be Dull

Have you ever thought how exciting it would be to have a good cover for the water bottle on top of your filter????  I am sure you haven’t.  No one does.  It’s something we don’t pay attention to.  It is kind of funny we keep everything updated from our dresses to the bedding to even the chair pads, but forget the thing which we use almost every hour in a day.  Just think how a guest will feel looking at the water bottle sitting on top without being covered where everything else is spic and span???  Not a good sight, isn’t it?  Now the question that must be arising in your mind is what could be done with that?  We’ll have you sorted with the exciting new range of water bottle covers.

Infused with the worldliness charm they can fit completely to a 35 litre water bottle.  They come with stirring designs and patterns ranging from nature inspired, traditional Indian motif, contemporary urban designs, comic prints, etc.  With endless possibilities you can have a alluring new look to your kitchen. Ravishing designs will give your kitchen a new dimension.  Giving you an opportunity to design your kitchen the way you always wanted.

Fabricated with Premium Casement cotton has high flame retardancy i.e. they don’t catch fire easily. High quality fabric makes the colors on it more attractive.  User friendly products can be washed in the washing machine directly with cold water.  It spares you the need to soak them for long hours before washing them thus saving your time and energyCasement cotton fabric is wrinkle resistant so it proves that it will maintain its beauty longer than the inferior quality counterparts available in the market.  Even after multiple washes they do not shrink.  So have an all new experience of drinking water with beautiful water bottle covers.

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