Saturday, 19 July 2014

Colors & Elements To Support Your Table Theme

If you are still not clear why the hell was table runner ever discovered, then we are here to clear some facts. Runner for many could be the shield to protect tables or table cloth. It is meant to be used either lengthwise or horizontally. With or without other table linen accessories, runner is considered as an important factor for the sheer grace in the dinette. When you need the oomph or highly sophisticated ambiance, their role varies with their visuals aspects.
Table Runner

A plain solid colored runner could be a smart way to bring color on your wooden table. Accentuate the impact by blending color with napkins and place mats. With its try to express your mood like with deep red there comes a royal feel where as green shades bring a relaxation in the atmosphere. If you are using the table cover as well, then keep its shade soft muted such as beige or cream. It would help the runner and mats to pop out in the setting.

For the contemporary feel, you could place many runners next to each other lengthwise. You could repeat one or two colors in a predefined fashion for this scheme. Coming to printed runners, they bring an artistic flavor in a simple, sober setting. Now, the artifact could be minimal or intricate depending upon your need. Also, prints could be pulled out from the design scheme of existing décor. Soft accents or a regal, luxurious feel, anything you can achieve with our pure cotton runners collection.

They have the soothing, plush luster to uplift the mood of your dinette. So, it’s a birthday party or a formal, don’t forget to add the flawless grace in your eatery with these radiant runners. Without color bleeds, these cotton made ups are all set to add pizzazz in every dining space.

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