Wednesday, 3 August 2016

3 Tips That Will Bring you closer to The Perfect Carpet

If it`s time to brighten up your home with new accessory and furniture, ditch everything else and pick a designer rug. As the experts say that it is the trend that has made a grand comeback, it is going to stay here for long. With 5 brilliant tips, you can choose a rug that will look perfect and will make your interiors stunning.

Know how a color can affect us

As the colors can influence our psychology and emotions they also work perfectly to highlight and accent your existing home d├ęcor. The color of your carpet can significantly leave an impact when you walk into a room. You can easily design a creative if you understand the colors well. You can infuse high energy into your space by adding a designer carpet. You can find great designs for moderncarpets online to jazz up your room.

Shadows or light in the room

The way light or shadow fall into your room can also affect how the color of your rug will be perceived. The intensity of the light coming from the sun will be changed as the day progress which will make the colors appear different. In the morning a warm yellow and golden glow will warm up the surface but in the evening a bluish shadow will engulf your flooring. Choose a color that will add grace in the morning and brighten up the room in the evening.

Style, taste and your preference

Although lighting affects the color of your rug in a lot of ways but the fact is that everyone has their own unique taste. The design of your space and bedroom should reflect your style and persona. Pick a rug that matches the image that you have set in your mind. If not completely it should at least be close to it.

No matter what your choices are, bold or subtle, plain or printed, modern or traditional. If you love it then you have made a great choice which is perfect in every sense. You can find latest styles of rugs and can buy carpets online in India.

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